lies and the lying liars who tell them, 2021 edition

The Republican Arizona audit by the Cyber Ninnies of Florida proved to be what everyone expected and predicted, a complete waste of time and money. According to The Guardian, a hand recount found 99 more votes for Biden and 261 fewer votes for Trump. But they won’t let the truth stand in the way of a good lie. The report attempted to cast common voting legal practices as something sinister, when in fact it was nothing like the Cyber Ninnies wanted to report.

In any event, Trump went to Georgia Saturday to raise money and debut the GOP primary ‘Trump ticket.’ I know how this will go in 2022 and 2024. The Republican controlled states will attempt to force a win for Republicans in the mid-term, and Trump in 2024. The battle for sanity and democracy in this country isn’t over; in fact, it’s headed for round 2.

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  1. To outside observers it was fairly obvious that all the ‘voting irregularities’ Trump accused the democrats of were in fact things being perpetrated by his own gang. Who was it that tried to shut down the postal service so mail-in votes would not be secured in time? It wasn’t Biden.

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