nicholas joseph purry (take 2)

Dani Giroux, president of The Runaways Animal Rescue, holding Nicholas Joseph Purry, formerly Gumball

Monday we picked up our sixth cat, a male polydactyl ginger with one eye missing. His story hit my soft spot, so after talking a bit with my wife we decided to apply for his adoption. It’s tough placing an injured animal because so many possible pet owners want a perfect animal. Life in its myriad forms is never perfect, no more than we humans are. In the 24 hours he’s been with us he’s shown what a sweet little guy he truly is. As my wife remarked, Nick looks like he’s constantly winking at us.

Why did we give him such a long name? Because:

  • He’s missing his left eye, just like Nick Fury,
  • If you watched the movie “Captain Marvel” then you know a young Nick Fury lost  his left eye when he was scratched by Goose, the Flerken, who just happened to be portrayed by a ginger tomcat.

Why This Post was Posted Twice

I posted this the first time yesterday. In the process of writing the post I used the newer WordPress editor. During the writing process, I pasted some text into what would be the title, only to somehow corrupt the title. In the process of trying to re-edit the title after the initial post the new WordPress editor managed to wipe out the entire article. I was so angry that happened I closed up my computer and went to bed.

I don’t know what happened. All I know is that the original was totally gone. At this point, whatever good will I was feeling towards the new WordPress editor has been completely obliterated.

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