adding photos to your instagram stream from the desktop — using vivaldi

Two days ago I documented a convoluted process to trick the web-based Instagram into allowing the desktop user to upload photographs from your personal computer into your Instagram stream. I felt so clever. And then a reader came by and left the following comment:

In Vivaldi, you can just add the web site to Vivaldi’s Web Panel and all the buttons are there when you need them. ;)


Well, he’s right, and it’s so unbelievably simple to do compared to all the rigamarole Chrome puts your through. As an example, here’s what happened when I did it with Instagram.

  • Step 0 is go to the web site you want to add to a Vivaldi web panel.
  • Step 1 is to click the ‘Add Web Panel’ plus symbol. Then click the other plus symbol to the right of the box showing the website URL.
  • Step 2 is to click the Instagram add button at the bottom with your mouse. And this time the mouse pointer stays a mouse pointer.

The act of adding this panel adds the site’s icon on the bar at the very left. Clicking on the site’s icon will toggle the site web panel on and off, which is how to remove it when you’re done.

This is yet another powerful reason to switch to Vivaldi.