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It’s been a while since I purchased anything from Apple. With the exception of my 16″ 2019 MacBook Pro, which was purchased in 2020 to support my consulting work, I’ve not purchased anything from Apple since I purchased my iPhone 11 Pro Max in September 2019. That was the last new item. I’ve got an Apple Watch Series 3 I picked up heavily (really heavily) discounted in 2017. Apple is currently selling Series 6. I’ve got a couple of iPad Pros (9 and 12 inchers) that were purchased well past their release dates because they were on sale and because they still had the buttons at the bottom and 3.5mm headphone jacks.

Nothing spectacular, but even so, and even with heavy discounts, still expensive relative to other vendors. All except the Apple Watch; the Android Watch equivalents are all pretty much garbage, with Google essentially abandoning Wear OS.

My biggest complaint continues to be the sloppy software that runs on everything. Take iOS for example. I still have to reboot my iPhone because it’s the only way to get Shortcuts to work when Shortcuts decides to not work. It’s the only way from time to time to get Siri to make hands-free calls when attached to my car and using Apple Car Play. I have issues with it recognizing my aging AirPods from time to time, which is fixed either by repeating a pairing with my iPhone, or else, in one case, you guessed it, rebooting my iPhone.

But damn, when I try to consider using Windows 10 or Linux desktop or Android, they’re as bad (Windows) if not worse (Linux and Android) than Apple equivalents. I’ll probably stay with Apple and its various operating systems not because they’re better, but because the alternatives are so much more worse.

And while you’re here, listen to Linus tell you why Linux desktop sucks. It’s enlightening.

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  1. It continues to amaze and confound me how companies have managed to take computers, which must follow the invariable instructions and do precisely the same thing every time, into free spirit devices which manage to do whatever they want (or you don’t want) on an apparently random basis. I don’t know how they’ve managed to infuse electronic devices with free will, but it does seem it’s been accomplished.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t at the same time acquire such contrarian personalities.

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  2. Hi! I didn’t find the way to comment on your article “the correct way to enable spi ports on the beaglebone black”. It helped me a lot! Thanks!

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  3. Regrets? Buying a 2020 iPad Pro when a 2018 model would have been more than adequate. I would regret buying an base M1 MabBook Air but that ended up being free (beloved employer surprised us with decent Christmas bonuses) but still, I could have saved money by waiting for refurb (or getting something better by waiting for 16Gb availability).

    As for the software? It all got far too complex to “just work” anymore. Still, it’s better than Windows and Linux really does suck on the desktop.

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