Zoë in my lap
Joan Jett

A Saturday without cats is an empty day; I suppose I could say that about every day. The two top photos are of Zoë and momma Joan Jett. They’re dilute Torties, a variant of Calico. If you look closely you can see black, white, gray and touches of ginger in their coats. They both share the same green eye color, but Zoë’s is more intense than mom’s. Of course Lil’ Danï is also Joan’s offspring, and she’s all Ginger. And everybody in this group is polydactyl. It would have been interesting to know who the male was that sired them.

The last two are Luke and Beau in various napping positions. Although the last photo might be of Luke as well; who can tell all curled up like that.

Cameras were all Olympus; Pen F with the Leica 25mm for all except Joan, OM-D E-M1.2 with the 2.8/12-40mm PRO for her’s.