I’ve started to use more of my aging photo gear together. For the last few days I’ve had my E-M1.2 with the 40-150mm PRO mounted on my Benro portable tripod. I’ve been using that combination to better steady my camera and to take advantage of the lens’ inherent sharpness as much as possible. I’ve tried it with both plants and cats. Here are the cat results.

This one was tough to take. It was in strong afternoon sunlight and I just had to work with what it was. Both the little ‘kittens’ will be one year old on St. Patrick’s day. That makes me believe, along with the way they behave, that I have two leprechauns rather than two kittens. At least they still seem to care about one another. And they are sweet, just like their momma Joan and the two big boys (five years old!).