picking up the pace for covid 19 vaccinations at a local publix

Biden has promised to “toss eligibility lists” in order to get everyone vaccinated by May 1st. Tonight as I was out getting a few things at a local Publix, I saw this for the first time. I know it was new as of today because I’d been in there earlier to pick up a few necessary housecleaning items, as well as a bit of lunch for my wife and I. Tonight was to pick up coffee filters I’d forgotten earlier in the day.

I think this is great. I had to get told by Orange County in an email, and my wife and I had to go through the process of registering via a county-run website, then go over to the Orange County Convention center for our two Moderna shots, one 6 January, and the second 9 February. That helped open up my wife getting her back surgery the end of February, so I can’t complain about how we got ours. But right now, if we all want to put this pandemic behind us, then we need to get all those vaccine doses out to everyone as quickly as possible. I think Publix is stepping in to help with that.