another kitten anniversary

While the kittens may have been born on, or around, St. Patrick’s Day, they were born in the wild. This photo is of the kittens from a year ago, right after being rescued over in the Tampa area by The Runaways Animal Rescue ( ). The head of the organization sent me this photo today, along with several others that were taken when the kittens were rescued.

Zoë is second from the left and Danï is far right. Both are vocalizing. Nothing’s changed much. I’m sure they were calling for momma Joan who was still out there. They picked up Joan the next day. Once everyone was back together momma Joan was an excellent mother to all four, nursing them until they were old enough to be weaned and then adopted by my wife and I.

a networking issue with the netgear orbi rbr50, solved (so far)

So far the internal Orbi WiFi and fixed network has stayed up. What’s more significant is that when we are watching a streaming service, such as Disney+, there are no more buffering waits (where a swirling icon appears on screen and the video stops playing). Throughput seems to be much better. I can attribute this more to (I believe) disabling DST than I can to changing my NTP server to an official NIST time service, although any service I can switch away from Netgear, the happier it makes me.

If what I did to solve this is the case then we’re talking about a fairly significant bug in the Orbi firmware supplied by Netgear, which is why I’m so interested in replacing it with an official OpenWRT image rather than the one Netgear wants us to use.