i won’t watch season 6 of “the expanse”

Cas Anvar

I was a fan of the show ‘The Expanse.’ I enjoyed the ensemble cast and the stories, as well as the strong attempt to keep the science as real as possible, especially the traveling through space parts. I watched most of the episodes when Amazon picked up the show after SyFy dropped it because SyFy wasn’t getting enough money out of it. Never mind The Expanse’s rave reviews.

I was very much intending to see how season six would turn out until they killed off one of the Rocinante’s crew, key character Alex Kamal, played by Cas Anvar. Apparently Cas was a bit naughty, sending out inappropriate texts to women who didn’t appreciate them. Fine. I get that. The problem is that the information is questionably “collected.” The entire “investigation” smells to high heaven. Especially when the mob on social media got involved. Everything was escalated up to the producers of The Expanse, Alcon Entertainment. Alcon decided he’d become a liability, so they killed off his character in S5-E10. Heroically, of course. But quickly and expeditiously. And, of course, to hell with Cas whether he deserved such treatment or not. I’m convinced he didn’t.

So here’s what I’ve decided.

  1. I’ve seen all I need to see of ‘The Expanse.’ Five seasons with all four of the main characters is enough. I’m satisfied. I won’t see a single episode of season 6, or any other seasons that might come after.
  2. Since the book’s authors were involved in this travesty of justice, I’ve decided not to purchase nor read any of the books in the series. I was ready to start reading them all, from beginning to end, but now I don’t need to. I appreciate being able to save some cash by not purchasing any of the soon-to-be-nine novels.
  3. I will never watch anything that Alcon Entertainment produces or co-produces again. I’ve done a bit of research on Alcon and discovered that they’ve been involved with nothing I really care to watch in the past. Now all I have to do is be careful for any future material they might produce.

I have too little time left to waste on such trash. I know, I’m just one guy. But sometimes all it takes is one guy to start something.