second and final injection

My wife and I drove to the same location on I-Drive (actually, it was from Universal Blvd, which runs parallel to I-Drive) and were given our second injection of Moderna. Once again, no muss, no fuss. Just following the signs and roadway cones and people directing traffic until we stopped in a spot and were given our injections. Then back out to a parking lot to wait 15 minutes, just to make sure our toes didn’t curl up or something. On the way out they gave us each five face masks. We, or course, were there with out own face masks.

Unfortunately infections continue, as do the deaths. Nationally we’re up to nearly 500,000 dead from COVID-19. And now we’re being told about the ‘variants’, i.e. the mutations that have developed because a sizable portion of the population were too damn stupid to just wear a mask and keep a six-foot distance from others, to block the transfer of the virus.

We will continue the use of face masks and social distancing until such time as the infections and deaths really do go down to nothing. I don’t know when that will be.

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  1. Meanwhile in Canada we’ve spent over a billion dollars for 429 million doses of vaccine (for a nation of 36 million people?) – and almost no one here has actually been vaccinated. We just keep getting the news of “nope” without any explanation as to why not. Yet our infection and death rate still isn’t as bad as the USA, probably because Canadians are more willing to comply with rules and not go off on insane tangents about “rights” and because we didn’t have a brainless moron as leader denying there was any problem for the first 8 months. C’est la vie.

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