when tennessee white trash comes to florida

This lovely vehicle started out as a Chevy Tahoe before it was royally made a mess of. The license tag is Tennessee 2VO-OK2. They were parked in a handicap slot, with their fat behind stuck out in the lane. The driver’s moronic park job is probably typical for that part of Tennessee he or she comes from. Somebody was sitting in the vehicle with the motor running, and in the second photo they managed to pull in out of the lane. I watched as a passenger came running (yes, running) out of the local Publix where this happened and climbed up into the passenger side.

I don’t mind visitors, but if you’re going to visit my state, the least you can do is act like you’ve got manners. But white trash doesn’t know manners.

These were taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you’re wondering about the garishness of the photos, I had to run then through Snapseed’s HDR function in order to open up the shadows and pull detail out of the highlights. I was in no mode to do this more subtly.