pandemic week 40 — biden still won, and over 300,000 have died from covid19

And Florida

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The best:

  • Biden officially won 302 electoral votes today, without drama. Just as he was supposed to when he won the popular vote on 3 November. Trump, meanwhile, has lost over 50 attempted lawsuits trying to overturn the democratically elected Biden. That’s not happening in any court, including the Supreme Court, simply because it’s wrong and the Trump legal [sic] team is so incredibly incompetent in practicing law, and not recognizing they have no real evidence; insane conspiracy theories are considered here-say and not admissible as evidence. I learned that watching Perry Mason.
  • We’ve finally got a coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer. There are others waiting in the wings, equally efficacious, but we have the Pfizer vaccine going out right now.
  • Attorney General Barr resigned today, within minutes of the final electoral college tally.

The worst:

  • Trump and his ignorant millions still insist the election was stolen from him. The Republican party is now a cult of Trump, where the ultimate loyalty litmus test is believing Trump’s assertion he was somehow cheated out of a second term. Instead of the reality that enough Americans had had enough and voted in record numbers to turn him out. His narcissism won’t allow him to see how many more hate him than grovel at his feet.
  • In spite of the vaccine the infection rate and the death rate still continue to climb, and will reach unheard of numbers before enough vaccine gets out to bring down the rates of infection. American could easily see one million covid19 deaths by late spring 2021.
  • While Attorney General, Barr spent two years corrupting the Department of Justice into into Trump’s gang of shyster lawyers. Many good men and women who put country over politics were driven out. The fact that Barr found no evidence of the election fraud Trump so desperately believes is cold comfort to all the other ruin and destruction Barr leaves in his wake.

I have kept my mouth shut as much as possible during all of this, if for no other reason than it would do absolutely no good. Except every once in a while, such as right now. Biden won, and won, and won, and keeps on winning. So much winning! Winning that I’m not tired of.

All eyes are now on the Georgia senate races, that will decide, for two years, if Republicans retain control of the Senate.

The Democratic party is going to have to work very, very hard to clean up its act(s) across the nation and get their shit straight.Why? Because the Republican part is evil, odious, and still has considerable power to rain mischief across this great nation. The Democratic party is going to have to toughen up to fight those bastards off, for the good of the Democratic Party, and the good of the nation.

The cult of Republicanism is anti-democratic to an astounding degree, and will remain so as long as they choose to follow their current path. The Republicans enabled Trump’s election, his four years as president, and will continue to enable Trump’s political mischief. This country needs a strong conservative voice and a party to bring conservative patriots together for the good of this nation. But the Republican party is no longer that party.