moving on to big sur, this released but not yet supported version

No, I don’t know why there’s a big black dot in the upper right.

Yeah. In spite of all the dread warnings I went on ahead and updated to Big Sur, macOS 11.0.1. So far, nothing is horribly broken. There are, however, the humorous touches one finds in certain applications. Consider, for example, what Brew says when I go to run brew update:

Wow, I get to create pull requests against brew! Who’d of thunk it! Of course, I believe I use only a small subset of tools that are pretty generic when it comes to how they’ll build. I would imagine that there are some formulae (i.e. applications) that have a hard-coded macOS build environment. Or perhaps dependent upon a feature or two that is now more locked down in macOS 11. So far my upgrades haven’t failed. The only other failure is that macOS is now flagging an extension of HP’s Printer tools as dangerous. I personally consider HP software dangerous on general principals, but this is the first time Apple has pointed explicitly at HP.

Internally everything seems to be fine, and I don’t notice any performance issues. I am not too crazy about the iconography, however. macOS has been drifting from the flat UI theme to something more skeuomorphic. I’m not especially impressed. And I now have a bright outline to the Dock that just looks like ass.

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  1. Because of a recent fresh start, I didn’t have Homebrew, so installed it onto Catalina directly before the upgrade to Big Sur. Post upgrade (fingers crossed), it’s doing what I need it to do. One theme I’m seeing from a lot of complaints: It makes sense to ensure every bit of software you own is per its own latest update before upgrading to Big Sur. Post upgrade, I ended up nuking Adobe (and forgot to back up my Photoshop Actions).

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