biden wins completely according to the washington post

The Washington Post was extremely conservative when it called the winner in each state. It was the last to call Arizona for Biden, and now, it’s finally called Georgia, giving Biden 306 electoral votes, the same number Trump got in 2016. And Trump called that a landslide. Furthermore, Biden also has won the popular vote by over 5.3 million votes.

Meanwhile, Trump keeps trying to launch lawsuits to change this, and they keep failing. Just like Trump. Today a group of Magats showed up in Washington to support the man they so admire. Needless to say it was a rabble of noisy white trash. Just the kind that would vote for Trump.

Biden won. Period. No exceptions. Nobody is trying to steal this election except the GOP.

4 thoughts on “biden wins completely according to the washington post

  1. As an outsider I find it amusing that all the claims of election fraud that Trump proposed have ultimately been attempted by him and his rather than the opposition. This includes his naming of Biden as “the worst candidate in history”.
    It’s nice to know that ultimately his utter incompetence at everything has protected your country from four more years of his utter incompetence at everything.

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    • Thanks. But we’ve got to get through this extra bullshit first. I’ve taken to calling him and his cult followers Magats. That’s pronounced “maggots.” Take ‘Maga’ and add the ‘T’ from Tea Party at the end, and that’s what you’ve got. But that’s what invades a rotting corpse, which is what the GOP has become.


    • Some of the states (Arizona, for example) are very close, between 10,000 and 20,000 votes out of millions cast for both candidates. But the aggregate of all the states with their electoral college votes adds up to a drubbing.


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