election 2020 — day 2, and the wait goes on

So here we are, still waiting. It should be noted that Biden is ahead of Trump by 3.5 million popular votes. By comparison, in 2016 Hillary beat Donald by 2.9 million votes. And since we’re talking about popular vote statistics, Trump 2020 is beating Hillary by about 3 million, but Biden 2020 is beating Hillary by over 6 million and counting. That sounds wonderful, but it’s been noted that Florida alone had 6 million voters who did not vote in 2016. Imagine how Florida might have turned out if all those voters had gone to the polls. That one item alone underscores to me that the Democratic Party is its own worst enemy, not the Republicans.

Some random facts gleaned so far:

  • A surprising number of Black men voted for Trump, the highest ever. Black women supported Biden at the same levels as Clinton in 2016 and Obama in 2008 and 2012: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/black-men-drifted-democrats-toward-trump-record-numbers-polls-show-n1246447
  • And interesting analysis of Latino voting in south Florida, Texas, and Arizona shows a diverse, some might say fragmented, group of voters. Needless to say the Democrats did poorly with Latinos in Florida and Texas, better elsewhere including Arizona. I can’t provide a link, but an editorial stated that what pulled in many Latinos in south Florida was how Trump treated Cuba, Bolivia, and Venezuela. That is Trump used strong-man tactics that did nothing to fix the issues, but made him appear strong, and thus appealed to many of the Latino voters who have emigrated from those countries and, I believe I read, would accept revenge via Trump’s treatment of those countries if they couldn’t get a proper solution.
  • For whatever reason, the economy was the top concern of voters, followed by the pandemic. Never realizing that the economy is shit because of how the pandemic has been so grossly mis-managed by the Trump administration.
  • That about half the voters in this country are still incredibly selfish, racist, misogynistic, and just down right stupid in voting for Trump. We have some real issues in this country, and the Democrats are going to have to really work to address them. And that doesn’t mean trips to the Hamptons (I’m looking at you, Hillary) when things get stressful.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the pandemic still rages on. Here’s today’s statistics.