election 2020 — 24 hours later, waiting

From The Guardian

I kept away from the news for the better part of today (except for this morning, of course). It wasn’t going to do any good doom scrolling through all the news waiting for final results. I got this around 8pm Orlando time, and when I checked right before writing this post, the numbers hadn’t changed. Biden needs just six more electoral college votes to win the Presidency. It’s been a nail-biter the entire way. I’ve been voting since I was old enough in 1972, and I’ve never seen one drag out like this. But then I’ve never seen a party as dishonest as the Republican party is today trying to cheat another four years.

In case you’re curious, I grew up in a Republican household in Atlanta, listening to William F. Buckley every Sunday on my local PBS station with my dad. I voted for Nixon in 1972, Ford in 1976, and Reagan in 1980. It was during the first Regan administration that I came to see how corrupt an administration could get, far more than Nixon. Trump is no different than Reagan was in that respect. I tried to vote for a Democrat in 1984 by voting for Walter Mondale, but Reagan won every state except Minnesota. Everyone talks about Biden picking a female vice president running mate, but Mondale picked Geraldine Ferraro for his running mate in 1984. It’s taken us 36 years to pick another woman VP running mate.

Trump is railing against the voting, as usual, and his lawyer minions are filing lawsuits to derail the counting. This is after he declared victory. Right, Frumpy-boy, right.

Everyone is calling Biden the winner, and I’m just going along with what they call. Time to put myself to bed and see what tomorrow brings.