apple watch series 3 is randomly rebooting on my wrist after watchOS 7 update

When you see an Apple logo on your wrist, you’ve got a problem. Really. I’ve caught it three times since updating to first watchOS 7, then watchOS 7.0.1, when my iPhone updated to iOS 14. The first two times my Apple Watch rebooted it was at my home. This time I was out on an errand, and I had both my iPhone with me and presence of mind to grab a quick snapshot before it finished rebooting.

I don’t know why it’s doing this. Notably I’m not the only user who’s seeing this random reboot issue with with a Series 3 Apple Watch. Here is an example article from Tom’s Hardware documenting it, with other issues:

I haven’t suffered from any of the other problems listed in this article, but the fact I’ve stared at the Apple logo boot on my watch when I wanted to check the time is annoying as hell. Once again Apple’s software developers [sic] have screwed the pooch, this time on my Apple Watch Series 3.