sony’s α7c (for cynical) camera

I would lead off an article like this with “If you haven’t been living under a rock…”, but with the pandemic and everything else that’s been happening in 2020, I can’t lead off with that sarcasm. If you’re a normal person then you wouldn’t be following everything Sony Cameras has been releasing.

Which leads to this latest camera from Sony. This is a camera using Sony’s 35mm sized sensor (a.k.a. “full frame”) and general electronic subsystems derived from their α7III camera. Meaning they took the guts out of the α7III, cleaned off the gunk and grime, and dropped it into the body you see above. What’s missing is the pseudo pentaprism housing, being replaced with a smaller viewfinder on the right corner. Looks almost like another α6000-style camera, doesn’t it?

What we have is an expensive camera (US$2,100 with the f4-5.6/28-60mm kit zoom lens) with oldish technology wrapped in an oldish physical design (the APS-C α6000-style camera) aimed at the vain YouTuber who wants to capture selfie video for — whatever. I’m obviously not the target demographic, which is why I look at this and go meh. I’m no fan (at all) of Sony cameras, or Sony technology in general. But I look at this camera in particular and all I see is lots of warmed-over tech shoveled into a tired body design, not worth the current asking price. It looks like it was Sony marketing’s idea to make use of left-over sensors and parts, with minimal design cost, designed to take advantage of the selfie video craze going on right now. Like I said, cynical.

Because I’m not clairvoyant I haven’t a clue as to how well it’ll sell. It might sell well in an initial short-lived spike, followed by a long falloff into oblivion. But then, what do I know?

4 thoughts on “sony’s α7c (for cynical) camera

  1. Although I agree with your POV on this latest addition to the Sony Stable, I have to toss in a link to an alternate view from another photographer I respect:
    Me, I’m just not in that financial bracket. I resisted spending $300+ on a used Sony HX300/B which would suit my needs because I’m still managing to squeeze good pictures out of my ailing Nikon. (Long-winded way of saying I’m a cheapskate.)

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  2. For me, the appeal of the A7C is a smaller camera that, with the kit lens, I can throw in a bag attached to my belt and circumvent the often mean hand luggage rules in Europe or Asia. And it comes with the advantages of full frame. That said, I won’t be buying one. My Pen F with a pancake lens (or collapsible kit zoom) fulfils the same purpose though it does mean sometimes sacrificing low light performance.

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    • I have a very similar setup to yours. I have a Pen F with a number of lenses, my favorite being the PRO 1.2/17mm. With that lens my exposure envelope is quite large, more than large enough for me. When I travel I have a very small bag that holds the Pen F with one mounted lens, and then my short PRO 2.8/12-40mm zoom. For those discrete times I also have the 4-5.6/14-42mm EZ pancake zoom. Throw in the charger and some extra batteries, and I’m all set.


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