i’m staying with olympus

Back in late June, Olympus announced it was selling its camera division and getting out of the camera manufacturing business. The deal won’t be finalized until the end of the year, but all the typical internet personalities have been spewing all the click-baity nonsense you’ve come to expect from those quarters. I personally have no idea what will happen to Olympus camera in particular, or micro four thirds in general.

I don’t care.

I’ve got more than enough high quality Olympus bodies and lenses to last until they actually do pry them from my cold dead hands. What I have still works just fine, even going back to my original E-P2 which I bought back in December 2009. That’s a decade of just Olympus and micro four thirds.

Today I went out with my Pen F and the M.Zuiko 14-150mm Mark 2. I had to drive my wife into town to see her doctor. While she was in I was outside taking photos of the surrounding medical area. Nothing to win awards, but enough to keep in practice and have something to look at in the future.

I’m done with the camera drama. Gear is way too expensive and way too specialized. My Olympus cameras have far more capability than I do, even the ten-year-old E-P2.