cute cats at rest

Luke naps everywhere. There is not spot nor position that Luke hasn’t tried over the past nearly five years of his life. In this tumbled position, with his head tucked under his arm, he looks like a Ginger teddybear.

All while the girls were up in the cat TV bed relaxing along with Luke. Danï is just beginning one of many yawns, while Zoë lies with her head draped over the edge of the bed.

Later, after the girls scamper off to explore something else, Luke climbs into the cat TV bed to do a bit of different napping. You should note the size contrast between the kittens and Luke. Both girls, if they try hard enough, almost fill the bed. Luke fills the same bed without really trying, his forelegs draped out over one edge.

I do enjoy the feline environment in this house.

an example of cat/kitten integration in our household

The humans in this household have been working to peacefully blend the new kittens with the existing cats and dogs. I came across this scene today, where Luke is snuggled into the chair with Zoë. That’s Zoë in between the back of the chair and Luke’s back. Zoë has her head snuggled into Luke’s rump, and seems quite content.

We’ve been working really hard to make sure everyone is totally chill with everyone else, and it looks like that’s happening in grand style. I’ve watched the boys defer to the little girls in all things, especially eating. And the boys will come up and groom the little girls, which I find pleasantly surprising. If I didn’t know better I’d swear the boys adore the little girl kittens.