The house is interesting with five (yes, five) cats now. Three of them are Gingers and have begun to hang out as a gaggle of Gingers, while the other two (mother and kitten) are dilute Torties, and kinda-sorta hang together. Today was ZoĆ«’s turn at cuteness when she jumped up on the bathroom sink and discovered running water. She just stood there, transfixed. I’ve never seen that behavior in any cat I’ve owned before, current or prior.

now is the time to get to work for biden, and put some serious shoulder into it

I watched the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago, and then last week I read some of the summaries of the Republican National Convention. I refused to watch the propaganda fest with Trump because I can’t stand the man, nor any of his mewling sycophants. Instead, I read various reports and summaries from sources I’ve come to trust (more or less) over the past four years, and even longer in a number of instances. I damn sure didn’t get my intel from either Twitter nor Facebook. As for news web sites, I’ve cut out quite a few since 2016, most notably Huffpost, Slate, and Salon.

And I’m pretty much done with Michael Moore. Michael Moore got lucky and predicted Trump’s surprising upset in 2016. Since then he’s taken himself so seriously, ignoring all the predictions he’s gotten wrong about Trump, such as Trump would either get impeached or resign before four years. Trump did get impeached, but it went nowhere in the Senate, so you might give that to Moore, except Moore argued in November 2016 Trump would leave like Nixon did. Except, after four years, Trump’s still around, worse than ever, and emboldened by the fact it appears nothing can stop him. So when Moore now predicts that Trump may win again in 2020 like he did in 2016, I find I’ve had more than enough of him. If Moore really wants to help Biden and Harris, then he needs to work to support them, rather than stand around predicting more gloom and doom, go to those areas where he believes more work needs to be done in support of the Democratic nominees and help the effort. Otherwise Moore can kindly shut the fuck up.

I’ve been more than ready for this since the last presidential election in 2016. As they say down here in the South, it’s time to root, hog, or die.