day 4 with the new girls — misty has her first selfie taken

The cute one on the right is Misty. The old ugly one on the left who hasn’t had a haircut since December and with two days growth is me. You can see Misty’s polydactyl forepaws. I have watch both Misty and Daisy dance and play with one another, and I swear they’re learning to use the extra toes (the ones on the inside of each paw) as thumbs. And I strongly believe Misty used all those toes, front and back, to come scrambling up my back and perch on my shoulder.

Misty then decided to groom me. It’s always interesting to feel their tongue on some part of your skin. In this instance it was the side of my face right at my eyebrow. That was all cute for about five seconds, when she started to nibble at my eyebrow hairs. That’s when I said, rather loudly, “OK, that’s enough,” and Misty leaped down into my lap and then into the floor to play with Daisy.

Life with kittens, again.