pandemic week 12 — second half of 2020


So here we are, 1 June 2020. The first day of the sixth month of the year. The middle of the year. Some might say that 1 July is the true start of the second half. Maybe. But to me the sixth month out of twelve is a little more regular.

Regardless, the only thing that matters right now is watching the numbers inexorably climb up. Over 6 million confirmed cases worldwide. Brazil has leapt to second place in just the last week because Jare Bolsonaro thinks he’s a Brazilian Trump. As we can see, pandemic-wise it’s going as well in Brazil as here in the States.

The US has nearly two million confirmed cases, and over 105,000 deaths. If you look at the lower right corner at Daily Cases, unfortunately they’re trending up, and they’re trending up on a curve. These are cases world wide, mind you, but it’s a grim reminder yet again that the coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.