pandemic week 9 – another grim record of us covid-19 deaths

Sometime within the last 24 hours we passed over 80,000 “official” US deaths from COVID-19. Meanwhile the US has registered nearly 1.4 million confirmed coronavirus cases, while the world has long since clocked past 4.1 million. And the curve has yet to flatten.

Our White House is all shook up as White House staff test positive for coronavirus, and three lead scientists, one of who is Dr. Fauci, are in self-quarantine. Meanwhile, the Amateur Hour White House wants us to believe that it’s nearly over and time to go back out and rub elbows again. Right.

The last time I talked about a “grim record” was back on 4 April ( ) when we had a mere 305,820 confirmed coronavirus cases, 1/4th what we have right now. That was a little over five weeks ago, what seems like an eternity now. At this rate, will be have over 4 million confirmed coronavirus cases, with over 300,000 deaths? Five weeks from now is the middle of June.

One thought on “pandemic week 9 – another grim record of us covid-19 deaths

  1. Your King says it will all be over … one day, or when the weather warms, or by Easter, or when you hit 100,000 deaths …
    It’s bad situation you have there where not only is your society being devastated by the virus but the people in charge are refusing to acknowledge there’s a problem Of course we know the problem is them (him), which is the last thing they’ll (he’ll) admit to.


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