a recent selection of bad performance art from the moron in the whitehouse

I try to avoid YouTube like the plague (no pun intended). But these three videos/ads showing Trump’s “performance” during the coronavirus pandemic are horrific, and they barely scratch the surface. The third video in particular is so funny, yet so horribly sad. So much blood on that idiot’s hands, and the hands of all those who have enabled him thus far.

the girls demand equal time

Regal Ruby

Once the girls saw the boys on the blog, they immediately let out howls of protest (after all, they are hounds). So I set about gathering a few flattering poses from the girls. Here they all are.

Demure Annie
Bored Annie
Poor poor pitiful me

Annie is a Doodle. Being a Doodle puts her in a class all her own. I think of her as my own personal Muppet.

Everything taken with the Pen F and 1.4/25mm.