ginger studies in black and white — luke

Luke, turkey position
Luke, lazy position
Luke, serious sleeping position

Three recent studies of Luke. All in black and white, straight out of the Pen F. I only imported with Lightroom to get them in my catalogs and to add my watermark (which is still showing 2019 instead of 2020; silly me). I’m using the Pen F with the Panasonic Leica 1.4/25mm, probably at f/1.8. But I kinda don’t care for the technical anymore.

I miss my old black and white film days from the 1970s from time to time, but not enough to throw in some black and white roll film and use film. I miss the quality of the film and paper and lens combination. I’d rather spend my time now just taking photos and toying a bit with the Pen F’s internal exposure curves to see what I can achieve.

Oh, and the cropping was done in camera as well. Square for the first two, 16×9 for the lower.

4 thoughts on “ginger studies in black and white — luke

  1. Now owning a Pen F myself, I’m curious whether you’re using the B&W setting on the Art dial on the front of the camera. Or are you only playing with the curves.


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