my gingers and their subtle ways


Today’s cat photos show that life is indeed still sweet, and that cats (or any pet really) are the bringers of such sweetness and light into our lives, if we’ll only let them. I can’t ever look into the faces of any of the little characters in my house without melting a bit inside. Listening to them vocalize or purr or perform all their little actions, or even just sit; they shine peace and joy and light into my shadowed soul.


We’re still in Luke’s number one favorite room in the house, the kitchen. Luke loves to hang around and lick off the used silverware collected in the sink; butter seems to be his favorite, followed by egg yolks.

Bo was in my lap one evening, curled up sleeping with his head resting on the inside of my left leg. That’s one of his favorite spots. He tends to pre-sleep on me for a bit, then when I go to bed he follows me back to the bedroom for his primary sleep of the evening, until early the next morning.

Both photos were taken with my Pen F and 1.4/25mm at f/1.8. Upper photo was cropped only, while the lower was converted to black and white in Snapseed. All image post processing and post authoring done on my iPad Pro 12.9” second generation.