another grim record set as over 300,000 americans confirmed with coronavirus

The numbers keep on climbing: the number of confirmed coronavirus/COVID-19 cases in the US has passed 300,000, and the numbers are still climbing. New York City is saying that their peak should hit in four to eight days. California has a 50,000 COVID-19 testing backlog that are many days overdue. This backlog is due to just one testing facility in California run by Quest Diagnostics. I’m fully aware of Quest in Florida, and I do everything in my power to go somewhere else if possible; they’re that bad. It’s incredibly bad that California is dependent upon that group for something so absolutely vital.

Speaking of Florida, we’ve got over 11,000 so far, with 657 confirmed in Orange County so far, where I live. The majority of cases are down in the Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach area, with over 6,000 – and climbing. Our idiot governor was late to shut down the state in general, and the beaches in particular, because he didn’t want to disturb the spring breakers. They manages to take back a few coronavirus surprises to their homes, with obvious results.