trump must go, or we will have nothing left

This advertisement spells it all out. Trump is damned by his own words, while the facts are laid out in brutal detail. We’re here because Trump is grossly incompetent to be the president of any organization, let alone of the United States. The best opportunity to remove him from office now is this November. Do not let Trump and his corrupt Republican sycophants block the election or deprive us of our voting rights. There are reports that Kentucky is tightening voter rules in an effort to further suppress and deprive voters. If you think Kentucky isn’t important, remember that’s where Senate leader Mitch “Moscow” McConnell is from.

One thought on “trump must go, or we will have nothing left

  1. What’s wrong with having a reality-denying, antiscience, misogynistic, bigoted, money-grubbing, utterly incompetent, fiscally irresponsible, highly unstable moron in charge?
    If American hasn’t learned that in the past 4 years they are doomed to relive it.


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