This impeachment was inevitable. Trump gave no-one any choice, knowingly driving it with his behavior he was proud of.

It was inevitable because a malignant human being, a real crook from before he was elected, was nominated and then elected by very questionable means to President of the United States.

For those who think that the Democrats shouldn’t have impeached, then they’ve missed what the 2018 landslide that handed the House to the Democrats was all about, and that was checking, and if possible removing, the gross excesses of what is the worst president ever elected in modern times, if not all American history.

For those who say that the Senate won’t remove Trump, I say we knew that going in. A party led by Moscow Mitch without any morals or backbone, such as the current GOP, would do nothing to publicly call out the lawlessness of this current president, let alone put a stop to it. That has fallen to the Democrats who are willing to put country over party, democracy over authoritarianism. The Democrats are the heroes in this.

I’d label the GOP the bad guys in this drama, except they’re too stupid to be that. They’ve been outsmarted and outclassed at every turn. They are the Deplorable Party.