my current corporial state

Here it is, near the end of October, and this is my first post for the month. A definite crash when it comes to productivity and output. Some reasons for the writing crash are personal, some just the way the world is right now and how it makes me feel.


My wife just had her sixth (yes, sixth) back operation, a fusion. We spent a lot of time getting ready for the operation, then she had the operation, and now she’s home recuperating. She suffers from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The arthritis is having a major impact on her joints and her back, and has had since her mid 20s. It has also been documented that it can lead to a shortened life span. Yet, here she is in her late 60’s chuggin’ right along. Just goes to show how far you can go in life with determination, a positive attitude, plenty of exercise and a proper diet (i.e. no alcohol, no smoking, very limited refined sugar and fat, lots of vegetables, complex carbs, and protein only from poultry and fish). She is truly an inspiration.

The World

Where do I even begin?

Let’s start with September 1st. That’s when Dorian reached the Bahamas, where it was at peak strength, making it the most intense hurricane on record. It stayed over the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas for three days, grinding nearly everything down until it slowly moved on. It is the Bahamas worst natural disaster. Our Corrupter in Chief did nothing to help. Help came from Florida’s Coast Guard. Dorian also gave rise to Sharpie-gate, where the Corrupter in Chief repeatedly stated that Dorian would hit Alabama, even showing a laughably doctored map with an extra zone drawn on the map with one of his sharpies.

There’s the continuing debacle at the southern border where adult asylum seekers are having their children separated from them.

There’s the continuing support of so-called Evangelical Christians (at between 80% and 90% depending on the poll) that support the Corrupter in Chief no matter what he does. The Corrupter in Chief, the most anti-Christian valued person they could have elected to the office of President, because he promised them protection from the Evangelical’s paranoid delusions about loosing their power and influence. I’ve got news for you WASPs. It may not be gone yet, but your power and influence will wither even faster due to your blatant over-the-top hypocrisy. That in turn has pushed me into the “militant secularism” corner, even though I still consider myself a devout believer in Christ. At the same time I’m also a devout believer in the Constitution and the First Amendment and separation of church and state.

There’s the cowardly abandonment of the Kurds when Trump unilaterally withdrew forces out of Syria, leaving the Kurds to be slaughtered by the Turks. That also open the door wider to Russian military incursions. Then we find out that no, our forces will stay in Syria. The reason? To defend out in Syria. Lives and blood aren’t important, but that precious oil is.

Now we’re in the throws of impeachment investigations in the House, with the Corrupter in Chief screaming and yelling how unfair it is, in spite of the insurmountable evidence (as well as the rule of law itself) that he really was attempting a quid pro quo arrangement using hundreds of millions in aid to Ukraine to have Ukraine open an investigation into one of his chief political opponents based on a bald-faced lie (a.k.a “conspiracy theory”) being passed around white racist neo-Nazi (a.k.a “alt-right”) Internet forums and websites.

And that motivated a group of Retardicans (a.k.a. Republicans) to storm a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) with smartphones a-blazing away to document it all. In my line of work there have been times I’ve needed to work in a SCIF. If I’d done anything like what those elected idiots did, I would have had all my security clearances instantly stripped, forcefully walked out of the building and to their security officer, fired from my contracting job, and be up for further federal investigation and possible federal prosecution. All of it so fast it would have made my head spin. It would have been the ultimate career-ending moment.

But not those Retardican assholes.

The amazing fact to me is that the House committees that have been holding investigations in that SCIF have both Democratic and Republican members, and both have been in attendance, all of them asking plenty of questions in equal amount. That storming by those Retardicans was pure bullshit theatre. All of it know ahead of time by the Whitehouse (a.k.a the Corrupter in Chief).

So that’s where I’m at. That very small slice of three years of the Corrupter in Chief’s current corrupt tenure in the Whitehouse.

I truly do pray for us all to get through this period in our history.