i’ve killed my amazon deepracer order

I killed the order about a week ago, last Sunday on 22 September. I was going to write about it then but I had other things to do, and didn’t feel like taking the time. But I’ve decided to record it here for posterity’s sake as it were. After the last email about Deep Racer sent by Amazon on 19 July, stating that Amazon had re-instated my order, after having canceled it on 17 July. I wish they’d just kept it canceled. The longer the order hung around, the more irritating its presence became, until it really began to piss me off.

I’m pretty much tired dealing with Amazon, especially with regards to technology. I deal with them when I have special orders because I can’t find the items locally. I deal with them when I need to order specially electronic devices, such as from Adafruit. Then I can pay for my Adafruit items through Amazon. But if I didn’t have to I wouldn’t deal with Amazon at all.

I’ve since come to create an equivalent to Deep Racer for far less money, using computing devices that are more advanced to what Amazon had selected to incorporate into Deep Racer, but for less money. I’m not into racing, but I am into autonomous platform movement. In my case I’ve split the “intelligent” bits away from the platform and I have the two linked via WiFi and Bluetooth. I’m not doing anything that hasn’t been done before in that regard. Splitting it out like that makes for a more flexible development system, and as I mentioned, a cheaper one.

One thought on “i’ve killed my amazon deepracer order

  1. Yup: Amazon is only for buying things you can’t get anywhere else. Quite often they aren’t cheaper, although they want everyone to think they are. Worst of all is the games they play with orders or wants, just as you’ve experienced.


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