dorian moves on

This is my last Dorian-related post. We had a lot of wind last night, and rain most of the evening, but little in the way of accumulation, perhaps all of two inches so far. Dorian is doing far more damage along the Florida coast, but not as much if it had come ashore. And did I mention how slow Dorian’s moving? Compare this screen capture with yesterdays, or further, look at the National Hurricane Center’s forecast tracking maps and see just how off all of them have been with regards to where Dorian was forecast to be, especially today? Late last week it was forecast to be all the way up the east coast of the US. Instead it hasn’t even passed by Jacksonville yet. And its overall wind speeds have dropped it down to a category two, if not a category one, hurricane. So we can be thankful for that.

Now begins the long repair and rebuilding down in the Grand Bahama and Great Abaco islands.