waiting for dorian, day 6 – forecast fatigue

Dorian, still a category 5 hurricane, is currently sitting over the Bahamas and grinding it into the ocean. In the mean time the forecast appears to be holding mostly true, where Dorian is now shifting direction towards the north. Unfortunately the near-stall means that whatever was steering Dorian is no longer having quite the same effect, and Dorian is now projected to get even close to the lower Atlantic coast of Florida.

Orlando and all the Atlantic coast are still going to catch hell from wind and rain bands. I’ve gotten calls from my daughter that in Jacksonville, Zones A and B were told to evacuate yesterday. She’s in a Zone E area, so she’s still in good shape. And then I got another message from my family in Georgia that a number of them had to move out of Savanah. Georgia has told everyone between the coast and I-95 to evacuate now. If you don’t know where I-95 is that’s the long yellow road that starts in Miami and heads on up the coast to Jacksonville and then on to Savanah.

Finally, today’s Atlantic hemisphere forecast map. All disturbances continue to intensify. #2 will more than likely strike Texas. #3 may not be going anywhere. Unfortunately #1 is on the conveyor belt to bring it here as well as help it intensify along the way.