trump absolutely needs to go in 2020

I have tried to keep my mouth shut on this blog with regards to Trump. I tried to write about him back in 2016 (you can go look for yourselves) but gave up when I realized it didn’t do any good. Or at least nothing fabulous like removing him from office.

But this past month goes beyond merely evil and stupid to Supremely Evil and Stupid. He has tried since being elected to show just how much he holds everyone who isn’t like him in utter contempt.

What has gone screaming over the absolute edge for me is his playing golf up at one of his clubs while the rest of the Caribbean suffers under Dorian and the rest of us along the Atlantic seaboard where Dorian is forecast to pass over the next few days. Trump blew off an overseas trip to Poland to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of WWII, saying he needed to stay in America and keep an eye on events surrounding Dorian. Then he blew that off and went to play golf down at the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia. Yeah, one of his. Legend has it that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. We have the modern day equivalent; Trump plays golf while the rest of the world (including the US) goes to hell.

Trump doesn’t know what a category 5 hurricane is (“But a category 5 is something that, uh, I don’t know that I’ve never even heard the term…”). He repeated twice that Alabama was going to be hit, and both times the Alabama Weather Service had to tell everyone in Alabama that Alabama was in no danger. And while death and destruction reign supreme on the Bahamas, where Dorian is still stalled out, Trump is out playing golf. While the US citizens living on the Florida, Georgia, both Carolinas, and now Virginia coasts are under warnings and watches and just waiting for Dorian to move, Trump plays golf. And while the Bahamas continue to get pounded even now, Trump plays golf.

Today is the day to start working on a candidacy, any candidacy, to vote Trump out of office. To vote in more House and Senate candidates who aren’t craven coward Republicans cowering before Trump. To vote in a President who isn’t a national security disaster, a Russian stooge. You want to make America great again? Let’s start with putting someone in the Whitehouse who doesn’t lie, cheat, and steal from everyone. Who puts country first. Replace Trump in 2020.

One thought on “trump absolutely needs to go in 2020

  1. Yep. The man hasn’t got a clue – about anything – and acts like he knows everything. You don’t even get to his politics because he’s too incompetent to do anything. All the “success” he brags about is, ironically, “fake news”. And his silly supporters still don’t see it.


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