looking at more old photos – downtown orlando, 2010

Central Blvd Downtown

These were taken on a walkabout of downtown Orlando back in 2010. The camera was the Olympus E-P2 and various lenses, some native, some adapted from four thirds and even older Olympus OM film lenses. You can link back to my Flickr account and check their specifics if you like. I’m only going through these now because nine years is a long time, especially for digital photos. And I’ve been in the mood to print something recently. I just haven’t decided what. If you’re wondering about the color saturation, I was experimenting with manipulating the color channels in Lightroom at the time.

Church of Saint George Sanctuary
Downtown Orlando Orange Ave - test shot OM 65-200mm
Light in the Tower

I still have the E-P2, and every once in a while I’ll pull it out and use it outdoors, with plenty of light. It was the E-P2 that pulled me solidly into micro four thirds.