the gingers, january 2019

Bo on the chaise lounge – G9, 12-100mm, golden hour

Out in the therapy pool this afternoon, after not being able to use it for the entire week including Saturday due to how cold it’s been in Orlando. Then today the temperature was 80F. The boys like to stroll out while my wife and I are in the pool and see what we’re up to, or else to pick a comfy spot and just watch us. The Gingers are such wonderfully sweet cats.

Luke half asleep at night – Pen-F, 17mm/1.2

And then there’s Luke. I discovered tonight for the very first time that cats will make little noises while they’re asleep. Very small noises to be sure. And as I watched, his feet twitched as if he were moving, perhaps running or chasing his brother Bo. I have always seen this kind of sleeping behavior in our dogs. But I have never ever heard it or seen it with a cat, until tonight. The only reason Luke is awake is because when I swung the Pen-F around to grab a shot, he somehow knew I was there and woke up just enough to look up at me. I have the Pen-F set for fully silent operation, so I must have made some other noise to tip him off.