netbeans 10

NetBeans 10.0 is the second release through Apache, the first being NetBeans 9. The group responsible for moving NetBeans out of Oracle’s shadow and into a position where NetBeans stands on its own has been hard at work. This second release adds new features as well as continuing the work of removing/replacing the older Oracle licensing and any non-open-source code that needs to be replaced. A complete “What’s New” page is here, and you can download NetBeans 10 here, but the key new features for the impatient are support for Java 11, support for PHP 7.2, and inclusion of JUnit 5.

At the same time I stepped up to NetBeans 10 I rolled back to Java 8. Because I use JavaFX in many of my personal applications, when I tried to move forward into Oracle’s Java 11, the JavaFX libraries were of course gone from Java. Trying to add them back in via OpenJFX became such a problem that I made the decision to revert all my changes and go back to Java 8. Unfortunately, Oracle’s Java 8 open support ends January 1 2019, and I’ve never a decent version of OpenJava work for me (at least on Linux), so I went looking for an alternative to Oracle and found Amazon’s Corretto Release.

I have moved back to Java 8 build 192 using Amazon’s Corretto Java. Amazon’s Corretto is their version of OpenJDK, which they are building and hardening for AWS usage. Amazon has stated that they will support their version of Java 8 until 2023. They plan on releasing their version of OpenJDK 11 (Java 11) sometime in February. When that takes place I’ll try this movement into Java 11 again. But until then I’m back to using Java 8. The way things are going with Java I may never move beyond Java 8. I’m already quite happy with Google Go, and with Go 1.11.4 I’ve begun to go in interesting directions, such as generating Web Assembly directly from Go and having it execute in a web page. I now spend far more time writing in Go than in Java. I wonder what will happen in 2019…

For those of you who develop in Java on macOS and want to use NetBeans 10 as a regular macOS applications (i.e. startable via LaunchPad), I’ve written a modest Bash shell script that will take the NetBeans zip file and create a compliant Mac application from it underneath ~/Applications. It’s checked into Github here.¬†You use it just once to install the zip. I used it to install NetBeans 10. Because NetBeans 10 is installed into ~/Applications you don’t have to execute the Bash script as root via sudo.


a christmas critter collection

The last four are of the cats. I threw in one with both of the pups. We’ll lead off with that photo first.

And, of course, three of the cat photos are of Luke – sleeping. Luke sleeps most of the day so he and his brother Bo can play all night long, including leaping up on me at 3 in the morning while they wrestle each other.