a change to arcane science lab

I’ve upgraded my site plan from Personal to Business. WordPress/Automattic offered 20% off their yearly business plan, so starting in July I’m going with their Business plan for just 12 months (they offered two years at that discount, but I felt one year for me to decide was enough). It’s as much an experiment for me as well as for my readers. I’ve already taken some small advantage of the new plan by changing my theme and tweaking that a bit into something I like better than what I had before. Hopefully my audience will like it as well.

I’ve had an idea of going more towards the professional/business side of things for a while now. To be sure my site isn’t here to directly generate income, so you’ll see no ads on the site (it was one reason I paid for the Personal plan, to get rid of ads). Automattic’s business plan also has a number of interesting additional features that the personal plan didn’t that I’d like to try.

As I said I’ll give this a year. Which means for me a lot more writing that what I’ve been producing in the past twelve months. I’m approaching my half-way point in my 60’s and I’m wanting to evolve this site into a tool that can support me as I begin to transition towards a way of life that isn’t 8-to-6 centric. It means a bit more discipline not only in posting but how I write as well. I won’t go back and curate earlier posts, that ship has already sailed as it were. But going forward it does mean careful, thoughtful, more adult writing. Frankly, I hope my audience picks up a bit as well. But that won’t happen unless I write what people want to come and read.

Here’s to a different future with Arcane Science Lab.


I’ve added the Golang category to the Menu at the top, in order to make it easy to get to what I write in Go.