can you guess what this is?

This is Ellipses resting in her #2 sleeping position, where she’s trying to balance on her head while curled up in a ball. She’s a Norwegian long haired forest cat. She came to us over ten years ago from a no-kill shelter in Tallahassee via my oldest daughter, who was a student at FSU at the time. Her name was given to her by her original owner, who we believe was an undergraduate math major who had to leave and couldn’t take Ellipses with her. My daughter was out looking for a little companion, and the rest as they say is history. We suspect Ellipses was four when she was taken to the shelter, which puts her current age somewhere around fifteen or so. Believe it or not she still bounces around the house like she’s still a kitten.

As I wrote earlier it’s been a long cold week, and everybody has been semi-hibernating throughout the house. Welcome to winter in Florida.

more from the menagerie

Today is a slow Sunday here in the manor. Sunny but just very cold, warmer than earlier in the week, but still cold to us, down into the upper fifties around here. So just about everyone, which includes the other human in the house and all the other four footers, are gathered in the T.V. room under and on top of blankets to nap. I’m in a different part of the house writing this, obviously.

The little snaps are of Annie the Doodle and Ruby the Lab. Annie shows her sleeping form, mostly on her back with all her legs pointing in four different directions. Even when she’s looking at you she’s on her head.

And then of course there’s sweet, sedate, mature Ruby, who would much rather present herself as a proper pup. She’s a sweet lab and she follows in the paw prints of every other Lab we’ve ever owned.

While Annie might be part Lab, Annie is a shock to the system compared to Ruby. A sweet shock in her own right, but Annie is definitely going through life down her very own trail.

All the photos were taken with the Pen F and Panasonic 30mm macro using the Pen F’s Mono 2 setting. Everything straight out of the camera with nothing more than a trim and my watermark.