boxing day 2017

It’s the day after Christmas here in Central Florida. The weather is pretty decent, in the mid 70s, sunny and barely a breeze. I had the septic tank cleaned out this morning after it backed up into the house on Christmas day. My wife and I had dinner at a local Two Jays, and we grew quite acquainted with a local CVS and its bathroom facilities. Looks like the drain field is still fine, it’s just that I can’t remember the last time I had the tank cleaned out. Ah well, $250 later I’m definitely emptied now.

A quick trip to the store for some Clorox cleaner with bleach, a long poled brush, and I completely cleaned out the shower where the backup occurred. Place looks clean again. Now I can finally get a shower.

I don’t know quite why, but the septic backup seems emblematic of all of 2017. Nothing but shit is coming out of Washington these days, and has been since January of this year. Here’s hoping that in 2018 we can empty the shit out of Washington as easily as I can empty out my septic tank.