first light with the pen f

My Ginger Luke at top followed by my Yellow Lab Ruby. Both were taken with the Pen F and the M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 wide open. Mixed lighting (cloudy daylight due to rain at front, LED incandescent color temperature and LED bluer daylight) all around. The only post processing I did was to run the RAW file through Lightroom 6 and add my watermark in the lower left corner.

One nice feature of the Pen F is its fully articulating rear LCD. That allowed me to get down to their level, especially of Luke, where I bent down and then looked up slightly. The E-M5 also as a tilting LCD, but for these photos I was able to more finely tune my position more quickly. The nearly silent shutter didn’t bother them either. In the past Ruby would whip her head around on hearing the shutter, and Luke would jump down. Now I’m able to take my time composing with these kinds of subjects and get a number of exposures to make the final selection.