administrative note: change of theme

I’ve changed the theme of Arcane Science Lab to Standard. I’d toyed with Nucleare, the theme behind John Scalzi’s Whatever blog, as well as a theme similar to Andy’s atmtx photo blog. But John’s theme, is well, very Scalzi-ish, and Andy’s is specifically designed for photography blogging. I felt I was being too imitative if I used either, and besides, a lot of times I don’t have my own photography to write about. I want something minimal that efficiently packs a lot of textual information into the screen space, and looks well across multiple screens; PC, iPad or iPhone.

Standard is a bit cleaner than the last theme (which interestingly I can’t recall the name of), especially the background. For whatever reason it had a very light, light gray grid pattern I couldn’t get rid of. I also got tired of the general layout, so I decided to do a bit of summer cleaning (because I’d been very busy in the spring). Don’t know how long this will last, but I’ve stopped here for now.

This post may also mark a more regular schedule from me. I have surprisingly posted three separate articles in as many days, and I seem to have a backlog of subjects to write about, especially pertaining to the Raspberry Pi and yes, even a bit of photography.

One thought on “administrative note: change of theme

  1. Cool – good to hear/read more from you again. Oh, and I like that standard theme. Staying with 2017 (for my self-hosted WP) on my own blog…


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