‘i’ is for indoctrination

February 8, 2017

What do you call someone appointed to a position for which they have absolutely no prior experience,  a person who got the appointment by a tie-breaking vote from Vice president Pence? Why, a Trump appointee, of course. A GOP contributor who has contributed, along with her family, so much money for so long, that when asked just how much, the answer was perhaps 200 million dollars. The only rational conclusion as to why she was appointed was that she bought her way into public office.

The second reason to put someone like this in charge of the Department of Education is as a figurehead for forces “behind the throne” to easily manipulate and carry out their agenda(s). Make no mistake, manipulating education is the long-term gateway to control. With someone like Betsy DeVos in that position, it will evolve from the Department of Education to the Department of Indoctrination. Or at least that’s what DeVos’ many highly conservative supporters hope. Her appointment is just cog in the machine to gut knowledge, and science in particular, from within the federal government and how it can effect policy, policy which up to this point wasn’t particularly favorable to the folks who’re now in control in Washington. Folks in the oil and gas and coal industries. With Betsy in place, if you think some of the education laws that have been attempted at the state level were insane, just wait for the new DeVos federal education guidelines to begin to trickle out.

One response to ‘i’ is for indoctrination


    Seen “The Corporation”?

    Trump and his staff are – in my opinion – easily as sick as the companies described in there. The question must be how long we let them behave like that…
    And don’t get me wrong; I have absolutely nothing against America, or against Americans. But we should all correct some things – my 2 (Euro-) Cents…