CAT – cats against trump

The best I can do for the moment after the first full week of the Trump presidency is to create this fictional organization with cats. The cats, of course, are my cats, at least the Gingersnaps Beau (pictured above) and his brother Luke. I’m wondering if that’s a wise thing to do, to drag such innocent creatures into the Trump political swamp.

Photo was first taken with iPhone 7 Plus in low light, then post processed using VSCO and the S3 preset, then processed again in Instagram using the Sierra filter. There’s a lot of lost detail, and the smudging looks like a cross between plastic wrap and paint. I like the coloration but it can only stand to be seen on a phone screen. As it grows larger on bigger screens the visual defects begin to be seen, and I don’t mean pixel peeping. I’ll let this stand as a personal warning not to do this in the future.