the struggle continues

The more things change… Whether it’s Black Lives Matter and the rampant shooting of young black men without provocation in cities such as Chicago, Baltimore, or Ferguson, or the eight-year-long stonewalling of this country’s first black President by an all-white racist old-man Republican (Repulsican?) House and Senate, or Donald Trump’s clueless Twitter meltdown over John Lewis’ criticisms (John Lewis, whose fifth congressional district of Georgia includes my birth city of Atlanta and the nearby crime-ridden ghetto of Buckhead) of his presidential legitimacy. Sad.

In just five more days, Trump will be sworn in as our 45th president, and may God have pity on us all. In the mean time, plans are being made for marches against Trump across the US. In Orlando, there are two marches being planned:

I doubt I’ll march with my crappy knees, but I’ll at least be there with a camera, and perhaps, with a little luck, I can document a bit of history in the making.

And if you’re looking for a protest march to participate in near you, the Huffington Post has a nice list.