the olympus om-d e-m1 mark 2

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This is a US$2,000 camera, body only. I’m going to get a copy.

I’m going to purchase a copy because it does everything that a professional body does, especially in the critical features of auto focus and focus following. And it does it in a body that doesn’t need a friggin’ oversized, and overpriced, 35mm sized sensor (what is euphemistically referred to as “full frame”, for a film size that was originally called miniature because of its size compared to medium format).

I’m heavily invested in the µ4:3rds system, including the 12-40mm zoom shown on the body. I have a number of primes, and look to invest in a few more, such as the 1.2/25mm. I’ll concede I already have the Lumix 1.4/25mm, but I want that lens with the extra half stop. And the incredible performance. I might even break down and get the 4/12-100mm. You’ll note the pattern here. These are all PRO lenses. Am I going pro at the tender age of 63? I doubt that, but I’m a stickler for the technical side, and before I’m forced to retire and can’t afford these any more I want to finish out my system. I’ll still have the three E-M5’s I’ve picked up over the last four years (one at full price, the other two heavily discounted, including an Elite Black body for $400).

Folks will tell you that you can get a better deal by buying the Nikon D500 or the Canon 7D Mark II. The problem with this is replacing all that glass I have with equivalent Nikkors or Canon EOS lenses. No thanks. The E-M1 .2 is a highly refined Olympus camera, both for the brand and the camera system in general. It’s overall operability is second to none. With the very fast glass and the enhanced IBIS good up to at least six stops I don’t have to worry about having astronomically high ISO requirements. I’ve seen photos hand held up to 15 seconds that’ve come out sharp and high quality, and in the sizes I like to view and print, they’re indistinguishable from any other camera, including the much more expensive “full-frame” DSLRs.

I’ve waited a long time for this camera. I’m ready to purchase my copy.

5 thoughts on “the olympus om-d e-m1 mark 2

  1. Just preordered mine today! Looking forward to it. Also took the plunge on the 12-100 F4 Pro as well. Some day I’ll get the 25 1.2 but this first two purchases depleted the wallet a bit, haha.


    • Good luck to you then. I sat down and started to really think about how much this one cost, and I’m beginning to get cold feet. My wallet always seems to get hit just when I think I have enough for something like this. Even looking at getting a Mark I sets me back a bit, even at a little more than half the cost. Oh well…


    • Well we’ll see. That’s a chunk of money. Since making that bold claim I’ve been reminded of other more pressing responsibilities I didn’t know I had :) That’s the way this always seems to work out for me. Think you’ve got it covered and then discover you really don’t.


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