sunday before election day

November 6, 2016

While out and about on the Suday before election day, we drove past the local library which is also serving as one of only three early voting locations for Orange County Florida. As it turned out there was enough interesting activity for me to pull into a local nearby parking lot, grab my camera, and go document some of the activities.

First up was Betsy VanderLey, who’s running for county commission, District 1. She’s been out quite a bit on this corner campaigning. She’s a Democrat and I voted for her when my wife and I voted back on 24 October. She seems nice enough based on my very brief encounter with her. I sincerely hope she wins. I’ve tended to vote independent up until this election. This election I voted straight party Democrat across every candidate that identified as Democrat. The Republican party is dead to me, having thrown away principal over wanting to get back in the White House at all costs. Even if it’s the cost of their political souls.

Early voting has been very active since this station/library opened 24 October. Today, being perhaps because it was the last day of early voting, they had carts constantly shuttling voters back and forth from parking lots across Dr. Phillips. The parking lot for the library just isn’t big enough to handle everyone who wants to vote early. And that is a Very Good Thing.

And, of course, no 2016 presidential election would be complete without a collection of deplorables pushing their favorite yankee white trash. They seem to be everywhere these days, like a Biblical infestation of palmetto bugs. I’m truly hoping that Trump and his deplorable minions are dealt a resounding defeat come this Tuesday. I just read where Comey just sent a new letter to Congress stating, “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.” (FBI Affirms July Decision Not To Charge Clinton, After Review Of Weiner Emails, via NPR) This, of course, should really blow the lying bastards of Fox News [sic] out of the water and their story that Clinton is on the edge of being “charged.”