happy birthday gingersnaps

It was on this day, one year ago, that the Gingersnaps came into this world. Tiny, eyes closed, ears barely visible, no teeth, they were totally defenseless and totally dependent upon their mother, Sunshine. The photo below is one (I have no idea which one) of them taken four days after their birth.

where is my mom????

Now, a year later, they’re officially Not Kittens, but Male Cats at around twelve pounds each. It’s sad to say that their mom, Sunshine, passed earlier this year due to feline cardiac arrest. But while she was alive she loved all five of the kittens she delivered into this world (the two boys, plus three females) and they’ve all turned out quite sweet and loving.

I would have create an appropriate photo for their birthday, but I had to fly back from Kansas and spend the rest of the day getting ready for hurricane Matthew, which is chewing up the Atlantic coast of Florida as  I write this.

And speaking of Mom, here’s Sunshine will all the litter.

momma guarding