watching donald and the republicans implode #2

August 14, 2016

File_000This was updated less than an hour ago. Hillary has added 0.8% to her lead. Just another 0.4% and she’ll be at 90%.

My only concern is making sure not to get cocky. I’m voting early next week for the Florida local primary, and I intend to vote for November as well. I’m exercising my right to vote this year, and I’m voting a straight Democratic ticket. The Republicans are totally dead to me after allowing Trump to claim the nomination. Who did they think the were fooling by letting him clinch the nomination?

I can’t believe I grew up Republican. I can’t believe there are folks who still claim to be Republicans. My advice to everyone is build a new party around Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. There’s nothing left to reclaim out of the wreckage of the Republican Party. But whatever you do, stay away from the crazies in the Green Party.